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Bd Magazine Issue 1-10 [Latest]




1- . 100. (Summer) 1966- (October )1969.​We are continually updating the item details as new editions are listed. ​ “The most important cultural journal of the 1960s." Magazine of the Year, the Daily Telegraph (London). In the words of the Times Literary Supplement, this was "a genuine literary review, and a perceptive one. … The first British quarterly to be so well edited, popular, and actually rather sassy."... No. 31, Spring/Summer 1967: Eric and Edda We-Jones, eds. 'The British Heart in the Sixties: a cultural history.' No. 32, Autumn/Winter 1967: A. L. Rowse, ed. ‘The Fabian Library' (Fabian Essays). No. 33, Spring/Summer 1968: Robin McKie, ed. ‘The British Museum: Museums and Museums' (The Fabian Essays). No. 34, Autumn/Winter 1968: David Sylvester, ed. ‘Towards a Sociological History of England' (The Fabian Essays). No. 35, Spring/Summer 1969: Susan Curtis, ed. ‘The YMCA in the Britain of the 1960s' (The Fabian Essays). No. 36, Autumn/Winter 1969: Eric We-Jones, ed. 'The Changing Image of the West' (The Fabian Essays). No. 37, Spring/Summer 1970: Paul Bell, ed. ‘The Voice of Silence' (The Fabian Essays). No. 38, Autumn/Winter 1970: Arthur Goldschmidt, ed. ‘England and the World of the 1960s' (The Fabian Essays). No. 39, Spring/Summer 1971: Roger Trigg, ed. ‘The Changing Constitution' (The Fabian Essays). No. 40, Autumn/Winter 1971: Eric We-Jones, ed. ‘The New Culture in the Sixties' (The Fabian Essays). No. 41, Spring/Summer 1972: David Frith, ed. ‘The Myth of the Boom' (The Fabian Essays). No. 42, Autumn/Winter 1972: Colin Partridge, ed. ‘The Festival' (The Fabian Essays). No. 43, Spring/Summer 1973




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Bd Magazine Issue 1-10 [Latest]

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